Golfing has become a whole lot more fun!

Love golf? Love cycling? No need to do one or the other - you can now enjoy them together!

Golf has just become a whole lot more fun! In a world-first, the Camel Golf Bike combines the great game of golf, with the fitness and fun of biking, whilst carting your own golf bag around the course! 

No need to transfer your clubs into a carrier bag, simply strap your own golf bag onto the bespoke patented carrier of the customised, low-step course bike. Its design is patented (SA Patent Number 07001/2015) and set to change the perception of what biking can add to golfing

Making use of the wider tyres - the unique design allows you to cycle right up to your ball, while being kind to the course. This means you have more time to prepare for your next shot - no need to wait for your golf cart partner.

Our eBikes will be ready to be enjoyed later this year! Keep an eye on this space!

The Camel Golf Bike